Bangalir Bhuribhoj!

The Bhoj Company is one of the oldest restaurants in Kolkata offering bengali/dhakai cuisine. This branch is near Freeschool Street, New Market (close to the fire brigade headquarters)

Very simple and elegant interiors


They truly focus on their food, while the interiors are basic and has muted lighting which I feel is just perfect and goes with the ambiance. You will not find people huddling over to take pictures of bright and loud interiors – but what you will find here is comfort food at amazing price. Food that reminds you of home and brings comfort to your heart.

They are all about their food and it literally shows on the plate. As they say “machhey bhaatey bangali” I am truly that and this review is pretty much about all the “machh” that we tasted here.

Come down to TBC for just the food alone and you will return back with a huge grin on your face and a small potbelly. Yes technically bengali does not excite me as much because I have been eating this cuisine at my house since years but TBC can really surprise you, I kid you not.

Mentioned below are my favourites from the huge array of food that I totally recommend –


Bhetki Paturi


Hot favourite. Name one bengali who does not like enjoy a mustardy bhetki machher paturi.

Dhakai Morog Pulao


This was a dish that truly savoured. Every spoon if it was deliciousness. Loved the balance of flavours. Highly recommended.

Chital Machher Muittha


Have been hearing this from mother and relatives since ages. When I finally got to taste this, this really surprised me. It is a beautiful delicacy that can be savoured with almost anything.

Chingri Malai Curry


Once a classic, always a classic. This dish can never leave the list of bestsellers for we bongs.

Bhuna Khichudi


Bhuna Khichudi is quite nice and slightly spicy. You can try this if you are craving something bengali but slightly different at the same time.

Padba Machher Jhol

How can you not? We bengalis have grown up eating pabda machh our whole life.
The other dishes were :
Shorshe Ilish
Chhitol Machher Kalia
Kachki Machher Chorchori
Kochu Pata Chingri Bhapa
Mocha Chingri
Aar Machh Alu Bori Diye Jhol

Yes, you must be wondering if we had all of this all by ourselves. Kinda yes, we did eat quite a bit and this proved to be quite the bhuribhoj that even durga pujo cannot bring on our plates! ‘Pet purey khawa dawa’ and ‘bhaat ghoom’ is pretty much what we bongs are all about. We finally ended the gastronomic meal in the most bengali fashion – with our very own Mishti Doi. Soon after, food coma was unavoidable.


I would really like to take this opportunity to thank Jude Martin and Team Bhoj Company for their amazing hospitality and impeccable food. *burp*


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