Burn The Garlic, Feed The Tummy!

Quirky interiors, sumptuous menu and moderate pricing, paired with live music and bomb decor – Dream isn’t it?

Not quite – You can get all of this for real at this hip restaurant which goes by the name of Burnt Garlic. Situated conveniently at Deshapriya Park right below Priya Cinema,this place is a vision.

Conceptualized and founded by Esha Dutta, Burnt Garlic is the place for family and friends, parties, gigs and more. This place celebrates music, life and good food.

Check them out here : https://www.zomato.com/kolkata/burnt-garlic-desapriya-park

I was fortunate enough a few of their latest additions to the menu and boy what fun that was! The flavours were robust, the items were diverse and it had a little for everyone in the group.

Note : My apologies for the bad quality of images.

Here’s what we were served :

  • Stir Fried Chicken With Bokchoy
  • Straight Up Pork With Longbeans
  • Pan Seared Jalapenos & Cottage Cheese Cakes
  • Saute Mushroom With Lemon Chilli
  • Lamb Kibbeh With Cashew Sauce
  • Chilli Crusted Beckti With Orange Veloute Sauce

The drinks flowed in soon and we were enraptured by the varieties again. The taste, combination and boozyness gave away to myriad thoughts and room full of mirth and laughter!


We were offered :

  • Chatpata Guava – Nice and tangy. Good one.
  • Currypata Coconut Vodkatini – Another great drink up their alley. The curry pata spin off is really different and sure as hell, this was a surprise.
  • Captain Expresso Martini – Never tasted something so different. Give this a go if you’re feeling coffee.
  • Planters Punch – Refreshing, has a nice kick and is a more refined version of mojito. Must try.

Among all of these, my favourites were –

Straight Up Pork With Long Beans


Trust me when I say this, I am NOT a pork person and I absolutely avoid pork. However everyone was drooling over this humble dish so I decided to give this a shot and I am so glad I did. Beautifully cooked pork, well season and nice texture – give this a try and you will not be disappointed.

Stir Fried Chicken With Bokchoy


So delicious. The chicken was cooked so well, the flavours the texture and the seasoning – all were on fleek. The addition of bokchoy really changed the definition of this dish. I recommend.

Chilli Crusted Beckti With Orange Veloute Sauce


Do not miss this dish – miss everything else instead. The chilli crusted beckti is simply divine. Barely have words to tell how good this was. The mash on which the fish rested was smooth. The veloute sauce was such a lovely addition and of course the sauteed veggies. Definitely the winner of the evening.

Dear veggie lovers, do not worry for Burnt Garlic got you covered –

Pan Seared Jalapenos & Cottage Cheese Cakes


Beautiful cottage cheese cakes that are served with an amazing dip. Well seasoned and soft melt in the mouth.

Saute Mushroom With Lemon Chilli


This acts as small bites or nibbles if you aren’t as hungry to carry on with mains. Well done mushrooms with lemon chilli and garlic seasoning, this makes for a nice sharing dish.

To conclude this, I would like to thank Atreya Paul, Riti Saha and First Idea PR for letting me have this amazing opportunity to dine at one of the best eateries in the city and have a gala time!


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